13 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

                        YAPRAK SARMASI

Guys may be you have heard the name of the food bellow. Do you?
Its (Yaprak sarması) in Turkish language.
Believe me you have never tasted a food like this.
Its amazing.
In turkish language yaprak mean leaf.
Its mean that the outside of this roll is grape leaf.
Inside the leaf there are cooked rice.

How to eat....

Off course you need two more things...tomato sauce and yougurt.
You pour the sauce on the rolls, and then dip it in the yougurt and eat it.
I am feeling hungry now, water comes in my mouth always when i think about this food....

You also Am i right????

Tekrar afiyet olsun..(Have a  nice meal once again).

If you ever eat this food, don't forget to leave your comments about these foods and all other turkish foods.

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