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      KAPLUMBAĞA KURABİYE ( Turkish delight)

A kind of very delicious Turkish delight. It is a sweet especially prepared for the children on their birthdays. 


i.   One egg
ii.  One glass powder sugar
iii. 250g butter
iv.  One tea cup of starch
v.   One cup of liquid oil
vi. Three spoons of cacoe
vii.One vanlia packet(10g)
viii. Half packet of backing soda
ix.  Small pieces of choclate and      some floor for its viscosity


All the ingredients are mixed gently except choclate drops and cacoe untill it gets viscous.
Now its time to seperate the 1/3 viscous mixture, remaining 2/3 part is knead well with choclate drops.

You now have two sepeate mixtures.

1/3 and 2/3.
Seperately put these two in refrigerator covered with freezer bag.
Wait for 1 hour.

Take these two bags after one hour, and give them turtle shape.
Now cut the cacoe part in squares as in pictue.
White part is dipped in the white of egg and is pasted on the cacoe part.

As in the picture choclate drops are pasted on the white part to shape it like a turtle.
Now put very small oil in the tray just to cover its bottom surface and place the recepie in the tray.
Now cook it for 10-15 minutes in 180° microwave oven.
Recepie is waited untill it gets cold(it we will not wait for getting cold it will break).

Recepie is ready, afiyet olsun😊

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