12 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba

Gelin Bohçası

                                                  GELİN BOHÇASI 

Its been long i couldn't write anything for my audience. For that i appologize from your friends.
Today i am gonna write a recepie about a Turkish sweet( GELİN BOHÇASI..(Turkish name).You can guess from the pictures how tasty it must be, i will recomend you to try once atleast.
Now i will elaborate its recepie step by step.


i.   One egg
ii.  One glass of milk
iii. One glass of floor
iv. Three spoon of sugar
v.  Three spoon of oil
vi. Two spoons of cacoe
vii. One vanlia packet(10g)
viii. One spoon of backing soda

For İnside:

2 packet cream chantily+ half glass of milk

Surface Cover:

Coconut powder


Mix egg and sugar in a bowl, and add all other
ingredients in the bowl one by one, floor in the end and mix well.

Heat up the pan, and add one spoon of the mixed cacoe in the pan, it will make one piece.
Repeat process of adding one spoon to the pan untill the mixture finishes.

NOTE:  This process will cook just one side of the cake.

The cooked side of the pan cake will be kept in a cup, cover with lid.
Its time to put the cream chanty on the uncooked surface, and wind up the pan cake as in the picture.

Final step: Pour cocunut powdered form on the side of the pan cake showing cream chanty, and decorate the surface with choclate sauce.

Recepie is ready😋.

Is it looks good. Looking forward for your comments while trying and tasting this pan cake?????

Afiyet olsun.....😊

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