13 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

Pakistan Baharatlı Melemen / Menemen

Malzemeler : 

1 Adet orta boy soğan
2 Adet sivri biber
2 Adet domates
2 Adet yumurta
3 Yemek kaşığı yağ
Tuz, Karabiber, Pulbiber, Toz biber, Kimyon (Pakistan baharatı)

Yapılışı :

Bugün sizlere pakitan baharatı ile yapılmış melemen tarifi vereceğim. (Pakistan baharatı olmadan da yaparsanız gayet güzel olacakır.) İlk önce soğanın kabuğunu soyuyoruz ardından çok küçük omamak kaydıyla soğanlarımızı doğruyoruz. Soğanları doğrayınca sıra geldi biberleri doğramaya. Biberlerimizi de ortadan ikiye bölerek küçük küçük doğruyoruz.

Teflon kapaklı tava alıyoruz. İçerisine 3 yemek kaşığı yağ koyup ocağa koyuyoruz ve yağ ısınana kadar bekliyoruz. Yağımız ısındıktan sonra içerisine doğradığımız biberleri ve soğanları birlikte ekliyoruz tahta kaşık yardımı ile karıştırıyoruz ve tavanın kapağını kapatıyoruz. (Burada kapağını kapatmak çok önemli çünkü bir miktar da buharda pişmiş olacak melemenimiz.) Biber ve soğan kavruladursun biz domateslerimizi doğruyoruz. Ara ara biber ve soğan karışımımızı karıştırıyoruz. soğanlar pembeleşip biberler yumuşayınca üzerine doğradığımız domatesleri de ekliyoruz ve bir kez daha karıştırıp tavanın kapağını kapatıyoruz. Ara ara karıştırıyoruz. Domatesler yumuşayınca üzerine baharatlarımızı dilediğimiz ölçüde katıyoruz karıştırıyotuz. Tavanın kapağını kapatıp 1 dk daha pişiriyoruz. Ardından tavanın kapağını açıp çok az su ekliyoruz bu karışıma. kapağı kapatıp 1 dk daha pişiriyoruz ki baharatlar melemene iyice karışsın. Sonra üzerine 2 adet yumurtamızı kırıp homojen şekilde karıştırıp  1 dk daha pişiriyoruz. Mis gibi kokan melemen kahvaltı sofrasını şenlendirebilir.

Afiyet Olsun 😋


The name for this dish is both in the title,you can use whatever,its the simplest and delicious you can have at your home,from students to old age people,all prefer it as a snack but it is more than a snack,its a hunger quencher...Here are the ingredients below for single person:


  1. One Onion medium sized,
  2. Two or more Green Peppers,
  3. Oil,
  4. Two tomatoes,
  5. Two eggs,
  6. Salt,Powdered Red chilly(you can put more spices according to your desire),
  7. Sliced Cheese that is used for Pizza(Optional,you may not use it,but it tastes great,i recommend).

First of all,put some oil in the fry pan,provide it some normal heat,meanwhile cut the Onion,Green Peppers and Tomatoes into small pieces,once the oil is heated add the sliced onion inside the pan and mix,as the onions start to soften a bit,add the sliced Green Peppers inside the pan and mix,make sure the heat is not at max level,as you see the mixture of Onion and Green Peppers softened,add the sliced Tomatoes,Salt,Powdered Red chilly(add other spices if you love spicy,its up to you),mix them and close the pan ,let it be cooked at a normal heat,keep mixing the recipe with a gap of 3 to 4 minutes until you see the tomatoes get soften,you may add very little amount of water if you see the recipe getting dried up,its just to keep whole mixture soft,finally add two eggs,you may either break the eggs separately in a bowl or you may directly break and mix it inside the pan,some Turks like the eggs half cooked and some fully,its up to you but i suggest you to try fully cooked eggs,as recommended about cheese,give it a try,Finally,your recipe is ready here it is:

You may add egg over melemen as a decoration if you love to have half fried eggs

Turkish Words:

  • Once you have finished the meal in Turkey,you may thank the cook by some kind words,its a culture here,we say:
ELLERİNE SAĞLIK(Thanks for cooking)

  • For wishing a nice meal we say:

  • If you are offered a meal by hosts,at the end of the meal we wish them by this very specific word:
KESENE BEREKET(May you have many more)

That's it for Melemen,i hope you have liked it,feel free to ask anything in the comments,AFİYET OLSUN :)

                        YAPRAK SARMASI

Guys may be you have heard the name of the food bellow. Do you?
Its (Yaprak sarması) in Turkish language.
Believe me you have never tasted a food like this.
Its amazing.
In turkish language yaprak mean leaf.
Its mean that the outside of this roll is grape leaf.
Inside the leaf there are cooked rice.

How to eat....

Off course you need two more things...tomato sauce and yougurt.
You pour the sauce on the rolls, and then dip it in the yougurt and eat it.
I am feeling hungry now, water comes in my mouth always when i think about this food....

You also Am i right????

Tekrar afiyet olsun..(Have a  nice meal once again).

If you ever eat this food, don't forget to leave your comments about these foods and all other turkish foods.

      KAPLUMBAĞA KURABİYE ( Turkish delight)

A kind of very delicious Turkish delight. It is a sweet especially prepared for the children on their birthdays. 


i.   One egg
ii.  One glass powder sugar
iii. 250g butter
iv.  One tea cup of starch
v.   One cup of liquid oil
vi. Three spoons of cacoe
vii.One vanlia packet(10g)
viii. Half packet of backing soda
ix.  Small pieces of choclate and      some floor for its viscosity


All the ingredients are mixed gently except choclate drops and cacoe untill it gets viscous.
Now its time to seperate the 1/3 viscous mixture, remaining 2/3 part is knead well with choclate drops.

You now have two sepeate mixtures.

1/3 and 2/3.
Seperately put these two in refrigerator covered with freezer bag.
Wait for 1 hour.

Take these two bags after one hour, and give them turtle shape.
Now cut the cacoe part in squares as in pictue.
White part is dipped in the white of egg and is pasted on the cacoe part.

As in the picture choclate drops are pasted on the white part to shape it like a turtle.
Now put very small oil in the tray just to cover its bottom surface and place the recepie in the tray.
Now cook it for 10-15 minutes in 180° microwave oven.
Recepie is waited untill it gets cold(it we will not wait for getting cold it will break).

Recepie is ready, afiyet olsun😊

If you like it comment please????????

12 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba

Mantar Graten (Güveçte Nar Gibi Kızarmış Mantar)

Malzemeler :

1 Paket küçük boy mantar
1 Yemek kaşığı tereyağ

Üzeri için :

Kaşar peynir

Yapılışı :

İşe mantarları yıkamakla başlıyoruz. Yıkanan mantarlardan içlerinde boyutları büyük olanları bıçak yardımı ile boyutlarını küçültelim. Sonra mantarları kurutma bezi ya da havlu kağıt yardımı ile kurutalım.

Tavaya 1 yemek kaşığı tereyağı koyalım ve eritelim. Eriyen tereyağ üzerine mantarlarımızı ekleyelim tuzunu ilave edelim ve 5 dk kavuralım. Bu kavurma esnasında mantarlar suyunu tavaya verecek.

Kavrulmuş mantarları küçük güveçlere eşit şekilde pay edelim. Üzerlerine rendelenmiş kaşar peynirleri serpelim.

Önceden ısıttığımız fırına mantar gratenleri verelim. Fırının ısı derecesi 180 - 190 derece olacak. Mantarlar yani üzerindeki kaşarlar nar gibi kızarana kadar pişirelim.

(Mantar grateni tereyağlı bulgur pilavı ile servis edebilirsiniz.)

Afiyet olsunnn..👍


The name of this food is Mantar Graten, its speciality is that you can prepare a very deliciour with very less amount of ingredients.


One packet of mushroom
One spoon of butter
A bit of salt

For Surface :

Pale yellow cheese made of sheep's milk


First of all melt the butter in the pan, and add the mushrooms in the pan.
Pour salt as much you need. Mix gently for 5 minutes.

After that we will put this mixture in seperate casseroles as shown in the picture, and add grinded cheese on the surface of the casseroles. 

Put these casseroles in the microwave oven, and wait till it is cooked.

Gelin Bohçası

                                                  GELİN BOHÇASI 

Its been long i couldn't write anything for my audience. For that i appologize from your friends.
Today i am gonna write a recepie about a Turkish sweet( GELİN BOHÇASI..(Turkish name).You can guess from the pictures how tasty it must be, i will recomend you to try once atleast.
Now i will elaborate its recepie step by step.


i.   One egg
ii.  One glass of milk
iii. One glass of floor
iv. Three spoon of sugar
v.  Three spoon of oil
vi. Two spoons of cacoe
vii. One vanlia packet(10g)
viii. One spoon of backing soda

For İnside:

2 packet cream chantily+ half glass of milk

Surface Cover:

Coconut powder


Mix egg and sugar in a bowl, and add all other
ingredients in the bowl one by one, floor in the end and mix well.

Heat up the pan, and add one spoon of the mixed cacoe in the pan, it will make one piece.
Repeat process of adding one spoon to the pan untill the mixture finishes.

NOTE:  This process will cook just one side of the cake.

The cooked side of the pan cake will be kept in a cup, cover with lid.
Its time to put the cream chanty on the uncooked surface, and wind up the pan cake as in the picture.

Final step: Pour cocunut powdered form on the side of the pan cake showing cream chanty, and decorate the surface with choclate sauce.

Recepie is ready😋.

Is it looks good. Looking forward for your comments while trying and tasting this pan cake?????

Afiyet olsun.....😊