1 Ekim 2016 Cumartesi

This is the simplest of the recipes that were taught before,all you need is:

  1. Sausage,
  2. Eggs.

First of all,put some oil into the pan at normal heat,cut sausage into small slices,as you see the oil heated,add the sausage slices into the pan,turn the cutted slices with regular intervals until you see them turned brownish,taste one to see if they are not raw anymore,add eggs according to your wish,add some salt and spices,your recipe is ready:

Turkish words:

  • To the one who comes out of bath or has a haircut/shave:

  • If someone says you AFİYET OLSUN when you are having your meal,we say:
BERABER OLSUN(Let's have it together)

  • GÜNAYDİN(Good Morning)

  • İYİ GÜNLER(Good Day)

  • İYİ GECELER(Good Night)

I hope that you are learning something,kindly feel free to ask anything:)

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