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Hello friends,i hope you are doing well and you are healthy;).Last time around we were done with the introduction and we taught you how to make Melemen,i hope all of you have a great experience with your first ever self-made Turkish breakfast.Now its time to experience a new recipe,are you ready,here we go:


Its the nickname given to our new recipe,we call it Patatesli Yumurta(Potato egg) but Yumpat suits it cool.Its one of the unevitable recipe of Turkish breakfast,so simple to cook and so delicious in taste.Let's go straight to the tutorial for single person:


  1. Two to three medium sized potatoes upto your wish,
  2. Two eggs,
  3. Salt,spices.
  4. Sliced Cheese that is used for Pizza(Optional,you may not use it,but it tastes great,i recommend).

First of all,put some oil in the fry pan,provide it some normal heat,i prefer enough oil so that the potatoes can swim,this way you can have chrispy potatoes,but you may not use enough oil,just make sure that the potatoes don't get sticked to the pan due to less oil,always use non-sticky pan,meanwhile cut the Potatoes into a small,cubic shape,you can make the cubic shape by:
  • Firstly,slice the potato into four from upside down,
  • For each slice,now do the same and cut each slice into for from upside down respectively,
  • Finally,cut from left to right in a way that you get small cubic potatoes.
As you see the oil gets heated,put the potatoes into the pan,add salt and raise the heat abit.Some prefer Yumpat chrispy while some prefer it soft,as mentioned above,you can have chrispy potatoes by having enough oil in the pan that the potatoes swim,as for soft Yumpat,just enough oil is required for the potatoes to get wet,you should make sure that the potatoes don't stick,keep an eye.As you feel the potatoes get cooked,take the oil out of the pan,just leave enough oil for the eggs to be cooked,now add eggs,you may have a pizza looking yumpat if you add four eggs,don't mix the eggs on the pan,once you have added the eggs,let them be cooked,you will feel yourself that the eggs have turned into the bread of pizza.Your Yumpat is ready,you may apply cheese after its cooked,wait it inside the pan,close the cap for a while,the cheese will give you the pizza look,add some spices,have a nice breakfast.

Turkish Words:

  • MERHABA(Hello)
  • NASILSIN(How are you)
  • İYİYİM,SEN NASILSIN(I am fine,what about you)
That's it for Yumpat,i hope you have liked it,feel free to ask anothing in the comments,AFİYET OLSUN :)

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